To bridge the gap between product availability among individuals with a range of curly hair textures.  


Our objective is to connect with all who have curly hair and are in need of quality products made especially for their hair textures. We strive to celebrate these textures by incorporating a list of ingredients that aim to nurture our natural hair. 



We understand that not everyone is comfortable with their natural hair from the get go. All those years of relaxers, straighteners and harmful chemicals surely did not help with that. Revive Blends acknowledges that loving your hair means choosing to ditch the chemicals, and for some that may not be the easiest of processes. To aid in making the right adjustments to help you go natural, it is important that our products make you feel comfortable. Your hair is your story and making sure that you feel the way you look with our products is prime.


Making sure that each and every formulation is thoroughly tested ensures customer satisfaction. Revive Blends relies on the input of its buyers to continuously uphold its standards. Its of utmost importance that measures are taken to provide only the best products and services. 


Buying products for your hair shouldn’t break the bank! Quality products do not need to be expensive, especially to those who need it most. Our belief that accessibility is a criteria for all our products means that it can belong in the hands of anyone! Hair care is important and so because of this, making sure you have the resources to complete your hair routine is our priority.


Revive Blends was founded in 2017 by Rihab Fadalla, a Sudanese-Canadian woman who saw a gap between Curly hair and the products available on the market. In specific, there was nothing in the market that served to protect and nurture a wide range of textures and patterns. This realization was articulated when Rihab went through the challenges of dealing with her daughter's hair. “Dry curly textures require more moisture than straighter textures, meaning not every hair product will work well with our hair.” The research journey began from there and it aimed to fill the gaps that she and many of her friends and family were impacted by. 


The brand's focus is to synthesize a contemporary formula that simulates hair care used in traditional Nubian regimens. Not only does hair care encapsulate what goes into it, but rather touches the idea that your hair is a part of who you are. It's important that a piece of home is reflected in our products because our hair has meaning; it teaches us to be resilient, to be comfortable, and to be proud. Incorporating ingredients used by our ancestors to uplift our women and girls of today, is more important than ever.

Our product ingredients aim to lock in moisture, add shine and act as a hair nutrient to sustain growth. Each is carefully selected in all our organic natural oils, oil-based creams, butters, serum, and masks. In addition to this, all our products are cruelty and paraben free.